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Ampol-Merol is a truly 21st-century distributor

“Better, more experienced and professional every single day” is a part of our motto that guides us in everything we do. Our passion and love for agriculture have made us one of the biggest distributors in the agricultural production sector in Poland. Our comprehensive offer for Polish farmers comprises seeds, mineral fertilisers, calcium fertilisers, organic fertilisers, foliar fertilisers, crop protection products, crop packaging, animal feed, and a well-organised produce purchase system. The loyalty of the growing group of our Customers arises from the highest quality of our services, full availability of goods, competitive prices, and a rapid adaptation to changing needs and expectations. We can proudly say that Ampol-Merol is a whole community of practitioners, experts in various fields, and enthusiasts searching for cutting-edge solutions. You can always reach us personally, by phone or by e-mail. Our concept of development-oriented farming also includes invaluable expert consulting through the Ampol-Merol Academy on YouTube. Thanks to multi-channel relations, we can accompany you in the process of planning your field work as well as throughout the vegetative season. Together we solve problems, rejoice at your successes, celebrate the harvest, and watch as economic success emboldens contemporary farmers to make daring decisions, implement cutting-edge solutions, and reach for technological solutions that turn computerised farms into an heirloom for the generations to come. Know-how is the cornerstone of our relations. It allows us to use to the highest degree possible the potential of the best, original, and tried and tested preparations which, applied in line with original protection and fertilisation programmes, highlight the importance of planning, quick reaction and consulting world-class experts for farming operations. Herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, adjuvants, and other products based on active substances require careful application and dosage in order to ensure optimum prophylaxis as well as effective and damageless intervention in case of threats. This is why sharing our knowledge through all possible channels is our mission. Selling the product is just the beginning; the true art lies in demonstrating how to use it effectively. Instead of just selling, Ampol-Merol cooperates with every customer individually. Your business success is our goal and our greatest motivation in our work.
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